Built in America

Built in America holds significant importance for our customer base. In an ever-evolving world, Americans have a strong desire to bolster their local economy by patronizing American manufacturers. However, the challenge has always been maintaining competitive pricing while ensuring the quality matches imported goods.


More than three decades ago, the American shoe manufacturing industry embarked on a gradual shift of production overseas, traversing various countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and now Vietnam and Thailand. This transition saw a shift in focus from crafting high-quality shoes in America to prioritizing marketing and profit generation. Although this shift didn't halt American innovation entirely, it did reduce flexibility, extend lead times, and, in some instances, depending on the factory they picked, compromise the overall quality of the final product.


American Sole is committed to sourcing premium materials, both domestically and abroad, while proudly maintaining the "Built in USA" label. Our dedication is exemplified through our production facility located in San Antonio, Texas. This factory remains adaptable and responsive to cater to our customers' needs. We even stock inventory for select clients and offer drop shipping services to their end-users, thus optimizing time and cost efficiencies.


With 25 years of experience in the footwear industry, we have cultivated a vast global network of materials suppliers and skilled technicians.


Prominently, many renowned shoe brands, especially in the work boot sector, are exploring opportunities in domestic shoe manufacturing. There is an enthusiastic momentum behind the "Built in America" movement.


American Sole takes immense pride in being an integral part of this growing "Built in USA" resurgence. Our commitment extends not only to our current business operations but also to the future generation, as a second-generation business, we are excited to pass on the craft of shoemaking to our children and uphold its rich traditions.


For further information on why Built in America footwear continues to excel, please don't hesitate to contact us or peruse our catalog of past and current products. You can also directly reach our factory at +1 430-400-7653. We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

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